QBUA Community Umpire Seminar


QBUA is holding Community Umpire seminars at the following fields.

Carina Redsox 8th October at 6.30pm

Redlands 10th October  at 6.30pm

All students need to complete the online general principles before attending the seminar.

This link will take you there:  https://learning.ausport.gov.au/auth/login/?returnUrl=%2F

The course covers:

 2hr baseball specific on-field training on:

o Rules

Practical knowledge, comprehension and application of rules to acquaint umpires with the reasons for

rules, the means of defining and communicating them and to develop a spirit in the application of rules

that raises the conduct, enjoyment and spectacle of Baseball.

o Positioning Mechanics.

To familiarise umpires with the needs for, values of and correct mechanics to place an umpire in the best

position to exercise a judgement or decision.

o SignallingMechanics.

To establish correct signal techniques and consistent knowledge of the reasons for same.

*Little League Specifics for accreditation.

 Written exam

The course costs $100 per student and includes a green shirt.