Community Umpire Course-Pine Hills

The QBUA will be conducting a Community Umpire Course at Pine Hills Baseball Club on the following dates:


Wednesday the 14th of Sept 6.15pm for arrival and check in, programme will commence at 6.30pm

Saturday the 24th of Sept 1.45 arrival and check in, programme will commence at 2.00pm  Cancelled

Wednesday the 28th of Sept 6.15 arrival and check in, programme will commence at 6.30pm

To complete the accreditation process to Community level umpire, attendees will need to complete a Theory session i.e., Community/ LL exam, plus the AIS general principles questionnaire and a Practical session on Rules, and Umpire Mechanics.

Below are the relevant links that your attendees will need. Regretfully I have learnt from previous seminars held, that we have had attendees that do not complete some of the theoretical parts to the accreditation process so I ask that all attendees must complete the AIS general principles component prior to the seminar and furnish a copy of the certificate or certificate number either on the day or by email to

The QBUA requires the Community exam to be completed as soon as possible after the seminar. Should this not be completed the attendee will be removed from the list of attendees, and regarded as non-accredited, even if the club has already paid for them to complete the seminar.

Links required to complete your accreditation:

You will need to have completed the AIS component of the Community Umpire Programme. This you should have completed prior to attending the seminar, if this is not the case you will need to go to the link below to complete:  

Further, you will need to complete the sport specific part of the programme which is the Community Little League Exam. This must be achieved before you will be given an umpire number. You will find the exam on the link below.

You will need to have completed both elements and obtain a 70% pass mark in the exam prior to your accreditation being confirmed and the issuing of your umpire number.

The link below will allow you to download the current Little League Rule Book to your portable device. The cost for this is a one of cost of approx. A$3.00. 

Little League Rule Book App