Little League (Community) Umpire Questionnaire

To All Community Umpires

Because Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting us all in many ways it is quite possible that our summer season may-not get underway at the usual starting time. This may also affect our training schedule by not allowing us to conduct any Little League (Community), or Association (Level 1) Umpire seminars.


To assist us in keeping you up to date and to help you in the down time we have designed a questionnaire on the rules that cover Little League specific. We want you to not only understand the rule when situations arise but to be confident in your interpretation and to know where to find the rule reference when you need too.


You should all have completed either a Level 0 or the new Community Level umpire seminar. To complete the community program and be accredited you will need to have completed:


The AIS General Principles Course and the Level 0 or Community Umpire Exam.


If you have not completed the above, you will need to do so prior to completing the questionnaire. Links below:


Have you completed the AIS General Principles Course?


Have you completed theCommunity Umpire Exam? 

Little League (Community) Exam?


We will need the above completed so as we can confirm your accreditation level and extend it if we need to. All current umpires that have attended a seminar in the last three years will need to complete and return the questionnaire by the start of our season.

Should you not do the questionnaire in the required time your accreditation will be deemed to have lapsed, and you will not be available to Umpire for your club or region.



You need to have done the AIS General Principles Course and the Community Umpire Exam before completing this questionnaire.

Your email address:

Your name & D.O.B:


Club or association:

AIS Cert No:

Community Umpire Exam No:




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