Rules Night

To All Umpires                                                                                            19/11/2020



QBUA is holding a Rules Training and discussion evening for all Community Level and above umpires where we will cover a mixture of the Little League Specific Rules and General Baseball Rules.

This will be held on Monday 30th November, at Indians Baseball Club Wakerley Park, 65 Dew Street, Runcorn.

As the Indians Club has a Co-Vid safe plan in place, a starting time of 6.45pm has been set so as all attendees can ensure that all co-vid check in procedures are completed prior to the commencement of the session.

Session will run from 7 to 9 pm approx.

As numbers will be restricted I ask that anyone wishing to attend must register their interest to:   or with the club umpire co-ordinator Doug Robertson  no later than Friday 27th November.

When registering you will need to supply details of your:


Phone Number

Club affiliation if you have one.


Look forward to seeing you on the night.


Barry Foat

State Director for Little League Umpires

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