The attached list is current at date of posting.  Umpire List

a “C” Prefix is someone who is Community Umpire Accredited.

a “CO” prefix is a community umpire who has sat the Association exam, not been assessed and is therefore able to umpire different games to a normal community umpire. Just because you sit the Association exam that does not enable you to umpire all higher games.

A “CA” prefix is someone that has been assessed by the QBUA and is suitable to do any senior games.

a “A” Prefix is someone who is Association Umpire Accredited.

a normal number is someone who is a member of the QBUA and actively umpires for the association.


Community Umpire All Junior Baseball
Community Umpire + Online Association Course Div 2 Masters

Div 2 Ladies

Seniors Divisions 5,6

(Base only) for – U20’s, Masters Div 1, Ladies Div 1

Association Umpire All levels of baseball
NOTE: (Junior aged Umpires, both Community, and Association level, can umpire grades up to one level below their natural age group.)

Approval can be sought from the QBUA for Juniors to umpire teams at or above their natural age group.