Community Umpire Seminar- Beenleigh Rescheduled to 28-10-2021

Venue: Beenleigh Baseball Club
Hammel Park
Logan Street

Date: Thursday 21st October    Rescheduled to Thursday 28th October 2021.

Time 6.15pm Registration

Links required to complete your accreditation:
You will need to have completed the AIS General Principles component of the Community Umpire Programme. This you should have completed prior to attending the seminar, if this is not the case you will need to go to the link below to complete:

Further, you will need to complete the sport specific part of the programme which is the Community Little League Exam. This must be achieved within 3 weeks of your attendance at the seminar. You will find the exam on the following link.

You will need to have completed these elements and obtain a 70% pass mark prior to your accreditation being confirmed.

Community Umpire Exam

QBUA Community / Little League Exam

Please refer to the green book for any clarification.
The questions do NOT include tournament rules.

Your email address:

Your name:

Phone Number :

Club or Association:


This quiz must be completed in 30.0 minutes.